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The Great Flight, 2016 Number 1 - SOLD OUT

Edited by Sasha Dugdale

‘The Great Flight’ focusses on refugee poetry – poetry by refugees and about the plight of refugees and migrants. It introduces us to a range of new work by renowned poets, including Eritrean Ribka Sibhatu and Ethiopian Hama Tuma. South Korean poet and translator Don Mee Choi writes about her experiences of migration and we’ve commissioned a new translation of important work by Syrian poet Golan Haji. Carmen Bugan writes movingly about her father’s failed escape from Communist Romania and Shash Trevett muses on the murder of language. We also feature new versions of two radical women poets: eighth-century Sufi mystic Rābiʿah al-Baṣrī, in Clare Pollard’s translation, and sonnets of female sexuality and desire by renaissance poet Louise Labé in translations by Olivia McCannon – all in this new issue of the groundbreaking magazine dedicated to poetry in translation.


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No.1 2016 The Great Flight

Table of contents

In The Great Flight


GEZIM HAJDARI, six poems translated by VIKTOR BERBERI

BASUKI GUNAWAN, five poems translated by DAVID COLMER

LUCRETIUS, four excerpts from ‘On the Nature of the Universe’, translated by EMMA GEE

CAITLÍN MAUDE, four poems translated by DOIREANN NÍ GHRÍOFA

SAKYIL TSETA, ‘Rebkong’ translated by TENZIN DICKYI

NGARMA, ‘An Old Man’s Present’ translated by TENZIN DICKYI


LOUISE LABÉ four sonnets translated by OLIVIA MCCANON

CHRISTINE DE LUCA, ‘Arne Ruste in Shetlandic’

CLARE POLLARD, ‘Lines after Rābiʿah al-Baṣrī’


NED DENNY, ‘Wheel River’ after Wang Wei


RIBKA SIBHATU, ‘In Lampedusa’ translated by ANDRÉ NAFFIS-SAHELY

Five Assyrian Iraqi Poets, translated by JAMIE OSBORN and NINEB LAMASSU

• AMIR POLIS IBRAHIM, ‘The Crucifixion of Barrette’• BAYDAA HDAYA, ‘Severed Lips’• ABDALLA NURI, ‘The Great Flight’• BARZAN ABDUL GHANI JARJIS, ‘My Mother’s Heart’• ANAS AOLO, ‘My Beloved Baghdede’

CARMEN BUGAN, ‘A Walk With My Father on the Iron Curtain’

AMARJIT CHANDAN, four poems translated by the author and JULIA CASTERTON


HABIB TENGOUR, two poems translated by CAROLINE PRICE

Three Ethiopian Poets introduced by CHRIS BECKETT

     • ALEMU TEBEJE AYELE, ‘Greetings to the People of Europe!’ Translated by CHRIS BECKETT and the author
     • HAMA TUMA, two poems translated by the author
     • GEMORAW, ‘For the Voiceless People’ Translated by CHRIS BECKETT and ALEMU TEBEJE AYELE

MOHAMMED DIB, three poems translated by MADELEINE CAMPBELL

DON MEE CHOI, ‘A Short Piece on Migration’

GOLAN HAJI, ‘A Light In Water’ translated by STEPHEN WATTS

MAJID NAFICY, two poems translated by ELIZABETH T. GRAY JR

NASRIN PARVAZ, ‘Writing in the “Host” Language’

YOUSIF QASMIYEH , ‘If this is my face, so be it’ translated by the author

JUAN GELMAN, from ‘Under the barbaric rain’ translated by KEITH PAYNE

SHASH TREVETT, ‘Glottophagy’


SHASH TREVETT, Those Destined to Bear Witness
An anthology of Tamil poetry from the Civil War

BEVERLEY BIE BRAHIC, A Sensitive Earthquake Zone
Two new collections by Chinese women poets

CAROLINE MALDONADO, The Artist and the Poet
A Spiritual Journey in Basho’s Footsteps

Issue highlights

  • New translations of refugee poetry
  • Don Mee Choi writes about her experiences of migration
  • Poems by Syrian writer Golan Haji
  • Shash Trevett on the murder of language
  • Rābiʿah al-Baṣrī translated by Clare Pollard

Featured review

Those Destined to Bear Witness

Reviewed by Shash Trevett

Those Destined to Bear Witness
Lost Evenings, Lost Lives, translated and edited by Lakshmi Holmström and Sascha Ebeling, Arc Publications, 2015

Lost Evenings, Lost Lives, is a bilingual anthology of Tamil poetry. The poems, arranged in broadly chronological order, trace the events of the civil war in Sri Lanka, as witnessed and absorbed by the Tamil poets in question. Beginning in 1977 and endi...

» Read more

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