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Poets at Bush House: the BBC World Service, MPT 22

The original intention with this issue had been to celebrate the World Service of the BBC to which MPT in its formative years, owed so much. The aim was to produce an issue which would represent a substantial selection of the many languages in which the BBC broadcasts from Bush House. (By the end of WWII the Corporation was already broadcasting in forty-five languages.)When MPT was founded, one of its first ports of call was Bush House. We soon discovered that there were many distinguished writers (including many poets) working there. The journal's aim initially, was to provide a platform for the poetry of the first post-War generation of Eastern Europe poets, like Herbert, Rozewicz, Popa, Pilinszky. Once various contacts had been made, a good deal of advice was forthcoming from Bush House, but the relationship was reciprocal. e.g. Ted Hughes took part in a programme, on the Hungarian Service, together with the poet Janos Pilinszky. In it Ted Hughes discusses his commitment to world poetry and his approach to translation...


MPT 22: Poets at Bush House: the BBC World Service

Essential reading, MPT, with its sustained intelligence about how poetries work across cultures, has transformed the British landscape since its inception in 1966.Fiona Sampson

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Spring 2017

No 4 / 2014

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