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Greek Poetry, MPT 13

Greek Poetry edited by David RicksCP Cavafy, Anghelos Sikelianos, KG Karyotakis, George Seferis, Andreas Embiricos, Nicolas Calas, Odysseus Elytis, Nikos Gatsos, Nikos Karouzos, Manolis Anagnostakis, Nikos Fokas, Titos Patrikios, Yorgos Ioannou, Andreas Angelakis, Nikos-Alexis Aslanoglou, Yannis Kondos, Michalis Ganas, Nasos Vayenas, Rhea Galanaki, Argyris Chionis, Haris Vlavianos, Alexis Stamatis, Stathis Gourgouris+ Review by David Ricks+ Sappho, The Greek Anthology, Guillaume Apollinaire, François Villon, Georg Bühren, Goether, Güner Grass, Gerrit Achterberg, Saadi Youssef, Máirtí Ó Direáin, Giorgio Caproni, Eugenio Montale, Amjad Nasser, 2 Korean poets, Cernuda and Paz - a dialogue, Francisco Hinojosa, Jan Twardowski, Federico García Lorca, José Angel Valente, Sven Smedberg, Walid Khazendar, Cu Huy Can, Hguyen Du - Kieu+ reviews by Michael Trapp, Daniel Weissbort, Harry Guest, Richard Smith, David Hook, David Tipton, Anthony Rudolf, Richard McKane, Jen Hofer, Christi Merrill, Elena Reeves


MPT 13: Greek Poetry

MPT is a necessity for anyone interested in enjoying and communicating the best in translated poetry old and new.Alan Brownjohn
The Sunday Times

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No 4 / 2014

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