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Russian Poetry/Brodsky, MPT 10

Karolina Pavlova, Viacheslav Ivanov, Velemir Khlebnikov, Vladimir Khodasevich, Nikolay Gumilyov, Anna Akhmatova, Nina Berberova, Sophia Parnok, Marina Tsvetaeva, Georgii Ivanov, Nikolay Zabolotsky, Daniel Kharms, Arseny Tarkovsky, Igor Chinnov, Olga Berggolts, fazil Iskander, Andrei Voznesensky, Gennadi Aygi, Yevgeny Rein, Yakov Zugman, Daniel Andreyev, Ravil Bukharayev, Dmitry Bobyshev, Yunna Moritz, Leonic Aranzon, Henri Volohonsky, Vadim Kreyd, Smitry Prigov, Andrei Gritsman, Viktor Krivulin, Sergei Gandlevsky+ Peter Levi on verse translation, Elaine Feinstein on Marina Tsvetayeva+a special feature on Joseph Brodsky


MPT 10: Russian Poetry/Brodsky

...MPT forms a unique and invaluable service - extending the range of world-reading, and making all those who care about poetry feel grateful to be part of a larger community ...Andrew Motion

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No 4 / 2014

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