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Visitations, or a supposedly gentle poem

She entered very gently, my daughter.

The dawn entered with her, but not
quite as gently. Her bare feet
made less noise than my pencil on the page,
but her laughter was louder than my poem.

She climbed, very gently, onto my lap.

The poem, like her, came creeping in, but not
quite as gently, not with the same
gentle urgency. Like a furtive thief
my daughter stole my inspiration,
those lines – almost finished, almost mine.

And here she fell gently asleep,
contented with her crime.

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Ana Luísa Amaral
Margaret Jull Costa
Original language:
2016 Number 2 - One Thousand Suns

About the author

Original poet

Ana Luísa Amaral

ANA LUÍSA AMARAL is considered to be one of the foremost Portuguese poets of her day. She published her first collection of po...

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Margaret Jull Costa

Margaret Jull Costa has been a translator of Spanish and Portuguese for over twenty years, translating writers such as Ramón de... » Read more


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