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two poems from The Hunchbacks’ Bus

sam introduces himself to his readers

i’m sam
i have a woman with a green leg
and an ear cut off
i have a woman with a shaved head
and long goat-like tits
in the morning when she goes to the market
dogs pee on her leg
and roses bloom
i have a tender and lusty woman
she licks the chocolate from my fingers
and my fingers stiffen in an erection
i’m sam
i also have a hump
my mama gave it to me when she was a camel
as for anything else i have a happy-go-lucky nature
when it rains i feel like going to the movies
but my master puts me on the leash
i’m a wet puppy i bear it in silence
i make small yellow pretzels
and reflect on the good lord

minodora dreams of sam

mama told me:
minodora, stop thinking about sam
when you go to the market
think of bacon, think of cabbage
be a proper woman
what would have been, i asked her
if beethoven hadn’t always had a bird
singing in his head?
yeah but beethoven, mama said
picking up the dust rag
and starting to clean the genius’s ears
and that’s only because i must
write about you
the same way i must sneeze
or yawn
i dreamt of you last night
you had a baby with a cat’s head
he was cute as a button
you were screaming your head off
‘come see what a tumbling rock
has to go through to reach a beautiful stillness’
it’s a big deal
when you forget to cross yourself
before going to sleep

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Nora Iuga
Diana Manole, Adam Sorkin
Original language:
2016 Number 2 - One Thousand Suns

About the author

Original poet

Nora Iuga

NORA IUGA was born in 1931 in Romania. Between 1971 and 1978, under the accusation that her work disseminated ‘morbid eroticis...

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Diana Manole

DIANA MANOLE is a poet and playwright, whose books include Angel with a Canadian Visa (2011), Oh, That’s Too Much! (2000), Eve...

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Adam Sorkin

Adam J. Sorkin's books of translation include Memory Glyphs: Three Prose Poets from Romania (Twisted Spoon, 2009), Mircea Ivăne... » Read more


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