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Two poems by Bhaskar Chakraborty


Your hair is flying in the air – in your left hand you hold
Your telephone
In the light of winter, I have again come to your room
I see your cat; it isn’t as lithe as before –
Your ball of Pashmina; I see it go rolling – rolling
Beneath the tilted bed –
I sit quietly – your cat yawns quietly
The fountain of winter repeatedly calls us and recedes


Did I desire the increasing presence of friends
By my bedside,
Ash falls from the cigarette at dawn
I need to do something
This lying and sitting down, this aimless wandering
Would it be good for me to move away
From a draught of wind
Did I want life to be ornate
From a dry window, the light of dawn is falling
On an empty pair of shoes
Did I want all that, brother
Did I want this

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About the translation:
Bhaskar Chakraborty
Manash ‘Firaq’ Bhattacharjee
Original language:
2016 Number 1 - SOLD OUT - The Great Flight

About the author

Original poet

Bhaskar Chakraborty

Bhaskar Chakraborty is a poet who hears and writes silences. There is a ghostly ambience in his poems that reverberates wit...

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