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The Perfection of the Forgotten Ones

The frontiers infiltrated into me
like a ray of light
into the eyes of a slaughtered deer.
My gaze was sailing on rainwater
in empty flowerpots,
memories were driving through my breast
to chase away left-over words. Even my cough
was a call to someone who is gone.

I was able to sleep on benches of fragile evidence,
to sympathize with flags that flutter without a wind
and not to live out the perfection
of the forgotten. I was able to keep silent
although I’ve never seen an icon
of a saint with a finger to his lips.

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Nikola Madzirov
Peggy & Graham Reid
Original language:
2014 Number 2 - The Constellation

About the author

Original poet

Nikola Madzirov

Nikola Madzirov is a Macedonian poet, essayist, translator and editor. His poetry has been translated into over 30 languages....

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Peggy & Graham Reid

Graham and Peggy Reid have translated and co-translated many and various texts, including history, novels, plays, film scripts...

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