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The Dinner Eaten on the Day of the Fast

‘Are you nothing but a kid
who sniggers
when a leaf shakes?’

I stare at you
and laugh.
If you could see yourself.
Your smile is chilling.

Listen, attacks happen
not only in war. Love too
can be ambushed. You should know
about the waylaying of love.

Straight from the hip
but not straightforward.
Your meanings curve and multiply.
You think you can make us all
nod like lizards nodding in the sun,
if we’ve not yet broken away
from our own
narrow little footprints,
or tried to imagine
using our minds.

A mask does not make someone an ogre.
A mask does not make someone a human being.
Spiked blades are spiked.
Sharp swords are sharp.
None of us was born to follow.
We all struggle, and we all grow up.
This you should be able to understand.
The way I
have learned to understand.

Yes, I want to say that.

And we may have to surrender
when we’re overpowered.
But a road, is a road
going somewhere.
No road commits suicide.

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About the translation:
Nyo Pyar Wine
Carola Luther
Original language:
2015 Number 2 - I WISH...

About the author

Original poet

Nyo Pyar Wine

Nyo Pyar Wine (b.1980) has struggled to stand on her own feet in Yangon and pursue a vocation in the competitive world of lite...

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Carola Luther

CAROLA LUTHER grew up in South Africa and moved to England in 1981. Her first Carcanet collection Walking the Animals was nomi...

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