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Staying in the Woodman’s Cabin

Here the birds fly down
               Right into the garden
Here the sky lifts
              Straight up from the ground.
If only we lived here
              The whole year round –
We’d speak much slower
              We’d grow far taller.
Here the hedgehog grunts
              And noses in the corner
The old well has a chain
              That clinks and clanks...
Look out of the window
              The moon is pressing on the pane
Open the door –
              The sun is standing on the mat outside.

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Marina Boroditskaya
Sasha Dugdale
Original language:
2015 Number 2 - I WISH...

About the author

Marina Boroditskaya

Original poet

Marina Boroditskaya

Marina Boroditskaya is a Russian poet and translator. She has published numerous books of children’s poetry in Russia, and tra...

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Sasha Dugdale


Sasha Dugdale

Described as ‘one of the most original poets of her generation’ (Paul Batchelor, Guardian), Sasha Dugdale’s most recent collec...

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