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Julia Roberts makes a mistake with me
I resist her gaze hour after hour
and other times I punish her:
her seductress face against the floor.
If she’s going to tell me something, I pay no attention
if she bats her eyes or any of that
I block her with a sweep of my arm
and I let her kisses freeze to her lips
Julia argues with the walls
she suffocates the silence with her reproach
and I, with my disdain, mortify her.
I normally ignore her during the day
although to tell the truth I use her
with passion every night as a fan.

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About the translation:
Raúl Rivero
David Shook
Original language:
2014 Number 2 - SOLD OUT - Twisted Angels

About the author

Original poet

Raúl Rivero

Raúl Rivero is a Cuban poet and journalist exiled in Spain. His 2006 collection Vidas y Oficios: Los Poemas de la Carcel (Life...

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David Shook

David Shook studied poetry and translation at Oxford. He lives in Los Angeles, where he edits Molossus and publishes Phoneme B...

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