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He wears a tussar shirt.
O train, move slowly
You carry a passenger bound for Basra


Better you enter my name amongst the widows
You who is off to Basra


May the battle in Basra come to an end
The one who is destined to be a widow
may yet be wed


Hearing the news of the war
The trees caught fire


Without you I feel lonely here.
Come and take me along to Basra.
I will spin for you the whole night 

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About the translation:
Amarjit Chandan
Original language:
2014 Number 3 - The Singing of the Scythe

About the author

Original poet


Women who had lost their menfolk to war composed these folksongs in the Punjab

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Amarjit Chandan


Amarjit Chandan

Amarjit Chandan was born in Nairobi in 1946 and studied in India at Panjab University, coming to Britain in 1980 to live in Lo...

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