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Our Second Chance

Our second chance
lives in the top hat of a magician
who works hard to entertain small
children (adults stopped placing faith
in him a long time ago).
The magician produces the whitest of doves
which flutter over the truce we never
struck – and they’re real doves, not
fragile, tortured creatures.
He produces ten colours knotted in scarves
and ten more, and another ten, and he’d go on
forever if they let him.
In the country inside his hat,
a nation of honest things,
without guile, so certain of bringing
sense to a world that no longer makes any,
lives our second chance.
There it is, among rabbits
and fireworks:
my hand once again
in your hand.

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About the translation:
Adriana Lisboa
Alison Entrekin
Original language:
Portuguese (Brazil)
2014 Number 2 - SOLD OUT - Twisted Angels

About the author

Original poet

Adriana Lisboa

Adriana Lisboa is the author of eleven books. She has received the José Saramago Literature Prize for her novel Symphony in Wh...

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Alison Entrekin

Alison Eentrekin’s translations include Budapest by Chico Buarque, City of God by Paulo Lins, The Eternal Son by Cristovão Tez...

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