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One Night I Will Return to My Birthplace

One night I will return to my birthplace
to stand on my rooftop
and pick stars.

Father will say, ‘Look, There!
Don’t you see the Seven Brothers?’
I will stretch out my hands
and caress their unsheathed swords.
Then the nightly battle will begin.
Together we will cast out the moon-eating dragon
and in the dark corners of heaven
we will fasten each star firmly in place.

At dawn Mother will say, ‘Look,
There! Don’t you see the Two Sisters?’
I will stretch out my hands
and caress their jugs of water.
They are the messengers of the rain-making clouds
that disappear with the rising sun.

My brothers! My sisters!
One night I will return to my birthplace
so that under my childhood sky
I will find again my own stars.

NOTE: The ‘Seven Brothers’ refers to the Pleiades, and the ‘Two Sisters’ are the dog stars Sirius and Procyon.

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Majid Naficy
Elizabeth T Gray Jr
Original language:
2016 Number 1 - SOLD OUT - The Great Flight

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Majid Naficy

MAJID NAFICY fled Iran in 1983, a year and a half after the execution of his wife Ezzat in Tehran. Since 1984 Majid has lived...

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Elizabeth T Gray Jr

ELIZABETH T. GRAY, JR. is a poet, translator, and corporate consultant. SERIES | INDIA, a collection of original poems, was pu...

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