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On Seeing a Watermelon

Seeing a watermelon was my introduction to vastness.

I can only approximate
how much I love you:

by the handful,
as much as the sea
or not at all.

Approximations fail me
when I look at a watermelon.
How red it will be
how fleshy
how its meditative eyes would be arrayed inside.

You were stubborn in your insistence:
the earth is round as an orange.
You refused to accept
it could also be like a watermelon.

I lied to you
when I said I can tell you, approximately,
how much I love you.

All estimations are a failure of my language.
I need a few signs of exclamation
mad transports
that will gently translate my failures.

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Monika Kumar
Sampurna Chattarji
Original language:
2017 Number 1 - Songs of the Shattered Throat

About the author

Original poet

Monika Kumar

Writes poetry in Punjabi and Hindi. She lectures in English in Govt College for Women Chandigarh, India and is now working on...

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Sampurna Chattarji

SAMPURNA CHATTARJI is a poet, novelist and translator with 14 books to her credit, the latest being Space Gulliver: Chronicles...

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