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The day emerges from the forest
It snows invisibly into the borders
Between yesterday and today
I can’t distinguish anything on the ground
Everything’s exactly the same
Snow covers the tracks of wolves
Of lambs and frozen hares
It lays itself on blown-down trees
Wants to suffocate the living
It makes brooks disappear
Fens and ponds fields everything
Equally dead and buried in the gloom
Falling twirling snow the eyes
Become confused black flakes
Ash doesn’t fall but rises or the sky
Lowers itself because the creatures are crouching
Breathless motionless the silence incorporeal moonless
It’s not light and it doesn’t get dark
No one walks in the fields the fields
Fields of the dead grow shepherd-less by the hour
The snowfall lasts as long as my life
I’ve forgotten the name of the town
And the street names superseded squares
It’s just after the peace
We cannot recall what all
Happened the obliterated consciousness
Empty of people bereft of thought
No light no shadow dotted pictures
And only the strength to stand still.

This poem appeared with incorrect formatting in ‘Secret Agents of Sense’.
The version presented here is correct.

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About the translation:
Sarah Kirsch
Anne Stokes
Original language:
2013 Number 3 - Secret Agents of Sense

About the author

Original poet

Sarah Kirsch

Sarah Kirsch was born in 1935 in Limlingerode in Southern Saxony. One of Germany ’s leading contemporary poets, she received n...

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Anne Stokes

Anne Stokes has worked in the fields of German studies and English as a foreign language and now works in translation studies...

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