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Once regrets come to mind
plum blossoms fall
Like watching her swim to the other shore
Like climbing a pine ladder
There is beauty in danger
Why not watch her return on horseback
cheeks warm
with shame. Head bowed, she answers the Emperor
A mirror awaits her forever
Let her take her usual place in the mirror
looking out the window, once regrets come to mind
plum blossoms fall over the southern mountain

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Zhang Zao
Fiona Sze-Lorrain
Original language:
2013 Number 1 - Strange Tracks

About the author

Original poet

Zhang Zao

Zhang Zao (  张 枣  ) was a key literary figure of the ‘third generation’ of Chinese contemporary poetry and a recognized litera...

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Fiona Sze-Lorrain

Fiona Sze-Lorrain is the author of two books of poetry, My Funeral Gondola ( El León / Mãnoa Books, 2013 ) and Water the Moon...

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Sasha Dugdale

23rd May 2013

Come and hear Fiona reading this poem at Keats House on Sunday 2 June at 3pm. We're hoping to hear it in Chinese, too!

Stephan of Lindau films

27th May 2013

Very lovely. Thank you.


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