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Madam Housewife: are you sick
of trying to scrub, day and night,

blood clots impossible to clean
from the clothing of your family?

Do guts smeared over the walls of your home
keep you from sleeping?

Have you found yourself
sleepwalking, exclaiming: ‘A Fuera , fuera mancha maldita !’ ?; *

Buy now! :
Lady Macbeth Stain Cleaner
and finally end these viscous nightmares.

Lady Macbeth Stain Cleaner

is composed of micro-organisms : carroeros :
they will do the dirty work for you

the remains of cadavers
without damaging the surfaces they’re attached to :
Scientifically proven!

Lady, you know : killing
is easy, the hard part comes later.

But now
Lady Macbeth Stain Cleaner offers
an amazing solution that will revolutionize domestic hygiene :

Say goodbye to the trace of brains in your favorite chair! Say
to those bloody carpets!

Now take down the number on your screen
or call 01800 666
and hurry with your purchase!

The Multifunction Applicator and a package of body bags :
A totalmente gratis ! Absolutely free!

With Lady Macbeth Stain Cleaner :
you will sleep
like a real queen.

* ‘Out, damned spot!’

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About the translation:
Luis Felipe Fabre
Cutter Streeby
Original language:
Spanish (Mexico)
2013 Number 1 - Strange Tracks

About the author

Original poet

Luis Felipe Fabre

Luis Felipe Fabre has twice been a Fellow of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts for Young Artists. His latest collecti...

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Cutter Streeby

Cutter Streeby is a recent graduate from the University of East Anglia’s creative writing program. He has been published inter...

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