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In Darkness

I called your name in darkness. All was silent and the breeze was
        ferrying the curtains.
In the tepid sky
a star was on fire,
a star was leaving,
a star was dying.

I called your name.
Your name I called holding
my own being like a bottle
of milk between my hands.

The moon’s blue gaze
rapped against the glass.

From the cicada city
a blue song was ascending,
slithering like smoke
against window panes.

All night someone was panting
disappointed inside my chest.
Someone was rising.
Someone was lusting.
Two cold hands were pushing
her away once again.

All through the night
sorrow dripped from black branches.
Someone surprised herself.
Someone voiced your name.
The air, like debris,
collapsed on her head.

My tiny tree was in love with the wind,
the itinerant wind.
Where is the wind’s home? Where is the wind’s home?

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About the translation:
Forugh Farrokhzad
Sholeh Wolpé
Original language:
2015 Number 1 - SOLD OUT - Scorched Glass

About the author

Original poet

Forugh Farrokhzad

Forugh Farrokhzad is arguably one of the most significant Iranian poets of the twentieth century. Her poetry was the poetry of...

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Sholeh Wolpé

Sholeh Wolpé is a poet, writer and literary translator. Her publications include four collections of poetry, a play, three ant...

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