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I'm Scared

I’m not afraid of the night’s harmattan,
I’m not afraid of the dogs’ howl,
I’m not afraid of the waves’ shout,
I’m not afraid of the swamp that lies before my house,
I’m not afraid of the night,
I’m not afraid of midday storms.
I’m afraid of the forest’s death,
of my mother’s torment,
of the darkness of midday,
of the elderly stumbling,
of the anguish of the villages,
I am afraid of the death of my language,
I am afraid that the children’s smiles be dispelled.
              Let’s wake up!

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Recaredo Silebo Boturu
David Shook
Original language:
2016 Number 2 - One Thousand Suns

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David Shook

David Shook studied poetry and translation at Oxford. He lives in Los Angeles, where he edits Molossus and publishes Phoneme B...

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