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From 'Lilith'

A moon will rise
She will be the core of night          the core of darkness
A moon of darkness will rise
A round moon will rise, with a hole in the middle
She will take, she will take you
She’ll take a live light          as a wife          as a queen
A stranger she’ll come from a dark place with blurred invisible boundaries
She will rise
A moon who’ll place her feet across          my grave she’ll rise
Ancient, a child, dark and young together
She will rise to take your life
She will rise in the bazaar          in          low places
Flames as her weapon
A black moon will rise and strike you across a veil
She will pierce through you
And you will be slashed open          slashed and cut to pieces and you’ll fall
You will go to a shoreless sea
Sleep within a virgin death

And then, then, from the core of darkness
The unknown moon will rise, the hollow moon          the brimful moon
The virgin moon          the moon with unimpossible lips
She will know no fear
Playing her part and making parts play for her
Both visible and invisible
Against the backdrop of dark
A moon with spells of pure colour
Of unpainted eyebrows
A journey through the night          a banner of rainbowed sexes

All wounded          wounded          wounded
Mother-dark moon          you’re down there still again

The clumsy          the clumsy          the clumsy
Will take her for a nightmare
Her knees in the basin          ablution of honey 
Her teeth, expired moments
Hours hung out on the scales          breast
And the rainbow language of sleep the wound of the forest that sways
The desert clothing fire’s shoulders with skin
The redbuds of tenderness blossom with the dream
Of testicles brimming with          full to the brim
Throwing her moon towards
She says to the fish, look my eye comes back opened          kipisikipisikipisi
Sisehpi sisehpi sisehpi sisehpi sisehpi sisehpi sisehpi sisehpi
With the tip of her finger she slides her hymen into the lake
She lifts the veil from hundreds of tableaux
She writes, sleep          and the hieroglyph of a locked Egypt
She spreads her rainbow sexes across an Antiquity of statistics and signs
She says kipisikipisikipisikipisi
She descends
Adonanai says: Quick
After her!
Sisehpi sisehpi sisehpi sisehpi sisehpi sisehpi

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About the translation:
Reza Baraheni
Cristina Viti, Stephen Watts
Original language:
2015 Number 1 - SOLD OUT - Scorched Glass

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Reza Baraheni

Reza Baraheni is one of the major contemporary Persian writers, as a poet, novelist and critic. He was imprisoned under the Sh...

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Stephen Watts


Stephen Watts

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