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Here, where time
seems to have stopped.
Here, where the land
is abandoned,
sacrificed daily
to useless memories
and heroic songs.
Here, where blood
seems fruitless.
Here, in the stillness
of the cemetery,
I’ve still found
the steady gaze
of crushed eyes,
I’ve listened to the words
of a stiffened tongue.
I’ve glimpsed life.



My eyes seek nudes
in the land of masks,
where even smiles
                            disguise themselves.
Are there traces of foreign clothes
on your naked body?
Do your hands also, sometimes,
                                       disguise themselves. 


Your eyes on the swing
shift from smiles to weeping.

They smile full of tears,
they cry among guffaws
and there’s always a slight
for fright.

Your eyes on the swing
shift from smiles to weeping;
they move from weeping to smiles
and open themselves to fright.

Your eyes on the swing.
Black flowers,
laughter and lament.

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Agnès Agboton
Lawrence Schimel
Original language:
2016 Number 2 - One Thousand Suns

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Original poet

Agnès Agboton

AGNÈS AGBOTON is an author from Benin, now living in Barcelona, who writes in both her native Gen as well as in Spanish and Ca...

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Lawrence Schimel

LAWRENCE SCHIMEL writes in both Spanish and English, and has published many books for both adults and kids, including ¡Vamos a...

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