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Dancers of Delphi

There wandering, a lad with his lute and poems.
There, under the moonlit laurel tree,
the dancers of Delphi sprinkled wine all over the ground
and the moon fell into a trance.
Those fond of asking riddles kept swinging their hair-trailing heads,
thinking of nothing but melancholy and dark thick eyebrows.
How did he know,
how would he suspect those whirling myrtles and ivies weren’t their bodies?
How would he? Such exquisite and life-like description.
Smiles, sculptural reliefs, all the mysterious occurrences.
There, the dancers of Delphi sprinkled wine all over the ground.
There, a lad with his lute and poems.

Chen Li is representing Chinese Taipei at Poetry Parnassus

Note: The title of this poem comes from a piano piece by Claude Debussy (Preludes, book 1, no.1).

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About the translation:
Chen Li
Chang Fen-ling
Original language:
Series 3 No. 17 - Parnassus

About the author

Original poet

Chen Li

Chen Li (陳黎, 1954- ) was born in Hualien, Taiwan. Regarded as ‘one of the most innovative and exciting poets writing in Chines...

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Chang Fen-ling

Chang Fen-ling received her BA in English from the National Taiwan Normal University. A literary critic and award-winning tran...

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