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Cheng Junkui Died

When I returned from Europe,
Wu Ang told me on MSN,
Cheng Junkui died.

Cheng Junkui
who once worked as a sailor in Singapore,
who, in the photo,
had chubby cheeks,
was holding up a shark.

How is his wife?
As I blurted out
the question,
my face flushed a bit.

I met her just before Tomb-Sweeping Day.
A beautiful woman rarely seen in the village,
whose eldest daughter is now fifteen,
still looked a little shy with strangers.

She then wore a red ski coat.
When the nurse taught her to dance the waltz,
she slightly swung a leg in the sunlight
like a happy newlywed young woman.

I even thought
I might have fallen in love with her
if I hadn’t known she was a victim.

Wu Ang said,
Don’t mention her.
She has become 10 years older,
10 jin thinner.

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Shen Haobo
Liang Yujing
Original language:
2017 Number 2 - A Blossom Shroud

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Shen Haobo

SHEN HAOBO, born in 1976, is considered one of the most controversial voices among a new generation of Chinese. His first coll...

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Liang Yujing

LIANG YUJING is the Chinese translator of Best New Zealand Poems 2014. His forthcoming books of translation include What Do Wo...

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