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A Scene in Spring

The state is torn apart, only the mountains and rivers remain.
Weeds and trees run rampant in the city this spring.
Do the flowers sense the times, that they, like me, should weep?
Do the birds feel the emptiness, they seem so fearful?
For three months on end the garrison beacons have glimmered at night.
A letter from home would be worth a heap of gold to me,
An old man waiting, whose remaining white hairs
Will soon become too sparse even to hold a hat pin.

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Du Fu
Paul Harris
Original language:
Series 3 No.7 - Love and War

About the author

Du Fu

Original poet

Du Fu

Du Fu (712-770, also known as Tu Fu) wrote during what is usually regarded as the golden age of Chinese poetry, the Tang Dynas...

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Paul Harris

Paul Harris learnt Latin and Greek at Westminster School under the inspirational tuition of Theo Zinn. He subsequently changed... » Read more


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