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18 Lines towards What

‘I um...’
  Antoine Emaz

I rise and fall as the temperature does
A seasonal bargain of the season season season
Seasonal story rain sun mercury moon
I bring down all done up as if in ribbons
Arthur Arthur Arthur’s little car
And climb to the slotted ramparts or drop snow
Tear off another page time passes ages me
Look down at the teeny car it’s completely gone
You can’t see its back you can’t see the back of the donkey on the road
You can’t see the road itself now yet we must go on
On foot on foot on foot
Distract ourselves with a red shoe on the left or a green one on the right
Especially when the winter plays its rotten trick with pipes
Its deeply unfunny joke about black ice its old low mass
I we go up go or down without an arse is us no daffodil
Or else a crowd, a host according to predictions astral or disastral
Come on come on let’s move
The paradise we’re being ousted from is very lost.

From Vrouz

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Valerie Rouzeau
Susan Wicks
Original language:
2013 Number 1 - Strange Tracks

About the author

Original poet

Valerie Rouzeau

Valérie Rouzeau was born in 1967 in Burgundy, France. She has published a dozen collections of poems, including Pas revoir, tr...

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Susan Wicks

SUSAN WICKS is a poet and fiction writer. Her translations of Valérie Rouzeau, Cold Spring in Winter and Talking Vrouz (Arc),...

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