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By Hédi Kaddour

Translated by Marilyn Hacker

Yale University Press, 192pp Hardback ISBN 100300149581
Series 3 Number 16 - The Dialect of the Tribe

Review by Delphine Grass

Marilyn Hacker points out in her introduction to her translation of Hédi Kaddour’s poems that ‘Kaddour makes a surprisingly sharp differentiation between his own urban “sonnets” and Baudelaire’s’. Treason, her English translations of Kaddour’s poems, are taken from three different poetry collections of this author published by Gallimard between 1989 an...

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Selected poetry of Francisco de Quevedo: A bilingual edition

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Selected poetry of Francisco de Quevedo: A bilingual edition

By Francisco de Quevedo

Translated by Christopher Johnson

The University of Chicago Press, 20009, 978-0-226-69889-2, £31.00

Two quarters of the moon illumined the earth. For, because it was my birth, it would not spend a dollar. Reading this collection on a muggy day in the Basque Country, I'm innocently surprised at how a baroque, 17th century Spanish writer can have such an unexpected, and just plain daft, sense of humour. He doesn't just write moral and lyric poems, elegies and epitaphs, and love and satiric poems. He compares his love to Etna, rants about a big nose, insults chameleons, as well as going on about brevity, time, death and the stars. Throughout, and even in the most serious moments, he plays with exaggeration and with subtle, and not so subtle, shades of irony: 'He teaches how everything warns of death', 'To a cross-eyed, beautiful woman'. One of those people you wish you could have over for a drink.

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