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By Georg Heym

Translated by Antony Hasler

Libris, ISBN 1 870352874, £30 / pb £14.95
Series 3 No. 2 - Diaspora

Review by Will Stone

It was once memorably stated of Chopin’s late ‘Polonaises’ that they were like the confessions of a man with his throat cut. One might say the same of the poetry of Georg Heym, which, following decades of woeful neglect, is at last made available to us in exemplary translations by Antony Hasler. Heym who died in 1912 in the most dreadful circumstances,... » Read review in full» More reviews in this issue

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The Arrival of the Orchestra

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The Arrival of the Orchestra

By Gustavo Pereira

Translated by John Green, Michal Boncza, Eduardo Embry

Smokestack Books Paperback ISBN: 9780956417534

I've never heard of this Venezuelan poet so relied on the back page and introduction for context. He's highly respected and has written about his childhood on the island of Margarita, his strong communist beliefs that wear “a Phryian bonnet”, the peoples right to culture and expression, and the “human eternity”of the revolutionary traditions of Amerindian tribes. I fell in love with shorter poems because they're arrows, humorous and self deprecating, like my favourite “Politics is useful for many things/In contrast to the muses/who sometimes are there to shame us.” (Somari of the Muses).

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