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Herzzeit: Ingeborg Bachmann - Paul Celan. Der Briefwechsel.

Herzzeit: Ingeborg Bachmann - Paul Celan. Der Briefwechsel.

By Ingeborg Bachmann, Paul Celan

Suhrkamp Verlag, ISBN 978-3-518-42033-1, Hardback 399pp, € 24.80.
Series 3 No.11 - Frontiers

Review by Charlie Louth

Mit den Briefwechseln zwischen Paul Celan und Max Frisch sowie zwischen Ingeborg Bachmann und Gisèle Celan-Lestrange. Edited and annotated by Bertrand Badiou, Hans Höller, Andrea Stoll und Barbara Wiedemann.

The year that saw the publication of the correspondence between perhaps the two most important American poets since the war, Elizabeth Bishop a...

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The Possible Is Monstrous

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The Possible Is Monstrous

By Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Translated by Daniele Pantano

Black Lawrence Press, 2010

Remember how we loved Der Besuch der alten Dame? The poems didn’t hit me in quite the same way. A mixed bag. Too many abstracts? But I felt for The Minotaur. And liked the ambivalent patriotism of the Swiss Psalms. Was this just about writing or also about Switzerland?: ‘The addiction / to perfection / destroys most things. What remains / are splinters / that have been filed at needlessly.’ I would have translated some things differently: joy and curse of a bilingual edition. You’ll understand that I was bothered by typesetting widows – so I imagined them as a poem, which begins: ‘Speaking a better German than the Germans. / A soiled Swiss passport in their pockets.’ Very Dürrenmatt. :-)

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