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Your Country is No Longer Here.

By Adonis

Yale University Press, 2010
2013 Number 3 - Secret Agents of Sense

Review by Marilyn Booth

Adonis, Selected Poems, translated by Khaled Muttawa.

From boyhood in Syria, ‘Ali Ahmad Sa‘id Esber (b. 1930) was a poet, and it was not long before his compositions began interrogating the relevance of older literary forms to contemporary art – a questioning process that had been gathering force amongst writers and poets since the late nineteenth cen...

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Frivolous Women and Other Sinners / Frívolas y Pecadoras

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Frivolous Women and Other Sinners / Frívolas y Pecadoras

By Alicia Borinsky

Translated by Cola Franzen and Alicia Borinsky

Swan Isle Press, ISBN 978 0 9748881 4 9

Dear S,
Enjoying my time between these pages populated with femme fatales, tricksters, and the little witch across the street. Here, words skip across the paper conjuring fabulous stories, half-told, as in Miracles of Nature where “She’s given birth to a kangaroo / curly eyelashes / sticky little body / she admires his courage licks and licks…”
The spare, plain language lends itself to a translation which is a mirror image, usually identical but occasionally foxed.
I am staying with the China Venus. I like her even though ‘whoever touches her vanishes / she reappears in the dreams of old masturbators / she disturbs the clerks and salesmen / evokes nostalgia in old women’.
x shazea

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