Translator's notes

Two poems by Ján Gavura

By Ján Gavura

In Gavura’s work the poetic persona has a strong empathy with nature, seeing it as an example of both a non-human otherness and as part of God’s creation. As a theologian Gavura regards nature and humanity as part of a post-lapsarian existence. Gavura’s natural world and the animals which inhabit it are true to themselves and the savagery they express is an aspect of the innocence they retain. His poems draw on everyday feelings of doubt, fear, disillusionment, anger, weakness or even evil thoughts and he tries to bring together these aspects of the contingent world and gain insight. Given his religious sensibility Gavura’s poems frequently incorporate a mythical dimension. This spiritual bedrock in Gavura’s poetry paradoxically opens his poetry to all readers with its acute positioning of human beings, nature and divine aspiration.

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