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By Luis Felipe Fabre

The poems of Luis Felipe Fabre come wrapped in a bloody context: Mexico’s Narco War, sponsored by President Felipe Calderon.This ‘crackdown’ against organised crime syndicates has helped Mexico to become one of the most dangerous places to live: Juarez, a city bordering El Paso, Texas, has frequently been listed as the murder capital of the world. Fittingly, Fabre is a poet of devastating silence. He mediates the violence of his country to a desensitised public through a glittering matrix of pop culture and cartoonishly graphic descriptions. Effectively re-working the Grotesque, Fabre’s poems become scathing indictments of his government’s war on drugs. In Mexico, violence against women is widespread and termed feminicidio. It is this theme which unites the selection of translations I have provided here.

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