Translator's notes

Virgin Mary Mother of God

By Pussy Riot

The trial of the three female members of feminist punk-rock collective PUSSY RIOT who climbed onto the ambo of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow to sing a protest 'punk prayer' has been international news. There has been widespread condemnation of the harsh treatment meted out to these young women, who caused no damage or injury, and yet have spent five months in remand prison and now face a three-year prison sentence.

Their trial was described by Russian and international observers alike as 'unobjective', a 'show-trial', and was compared to the famous trial against Joseph Brodsky, sent into internal exile for an equally trivial crime.

MPT, committed to a free exchange across all frontiers, is publishing this translation of their 'punk prayer' here and the final testimonies of the three women, made in court on the 8 August 2012.

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