Poem notes

The Courtesan's Reply - Tambulasena

By Shazea Quraishi

The Courtesan’s Reply is a sequence of original poems inspired by M Ghosh’s translation from the Sanskrit of the Caturbhani, four monologue plays written around 300 BC on the life of courtesans in India.

In the original plays, a narrator walks through the courtesans’ quarter, commenting on the women he meets and engaging them in a one-sided conversation. I enjoyed the sensuality, charm and formality of Ghosh’s prose immensely, but more than that, I was captivated by the courtesans glimpsed through the filter of the narrator. My intention was to give them a voice, and although I began by staying loyal to Ghosh’s translation, I found that the courtesans wanted to say ‘no, it was not like that, it was like this.’

The first two poems, ‘Sixty-four Arts’ and ‘The Days of Chandragupta Maurya’ emerged out of research into the period of the Caturbhani.

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