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I am bouncing a ball by myself
in an empty playing field
When the night wind’s footsteps
step on the leaves one leaf one leaf
and again one leaf
at a time
the sound of the bouncing ball
echoes toing toing
across the empty field

You who have escaped from me

I throw the ball into the net!

I throw you
high up!

Are you a hollow made from the blow of my breath?

I will tie up your face
in space

If I throw the ball up in the air will the wind also throw me?
Every time the wind throws me up in the air
and hits me toing toing
it feels as if the skin of my face
with its holes is getting pulled
Oh, then am I also a hollow
made from someone’s breath?

In the totally empty night sky
the sound of someone’s hand
hitting the taut moon

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Kim Hyesoon
Don Mee Choi
Original language:
No.1 2014 - Twisted Angels

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Kim Hyesoon

Poet Kim Hyesoon was born in Uljin, Gyeongsangbuk-do in 1955 and received Ph.D. in Korean Literature from Konkuk University. S...

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Don Mee Choi

Don Mee Choi was born and grew up in Seoul and Hong Kong and now lives in Seattle. She is the author of The Morning News is Ex...

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