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  • Poetry International: 17-21 July 2014

    Poetry International: 17-21 July 2014

    16th June 2014

    Saturday 19 July, 2.30 pm, £10
    Purcell Room, the Southbank Centre

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    The forthcoming issue of MPT ‘The Constellation’ focuses on the exchange of poetry between two star-crossed lovers: Bertolt Brecht, the playwright and poet, and his lover, collaborator and friend Margarete Steffin.

    Brecht and Steffin met in the early thirties and Steffin followed Brecht into exile from Nazi Germany in 1933. She accompanied Brecht an...

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  • Literary Translation – A Marriage of Heaven and Hell

    Literary Translation – A Marriage of Heaven and Hell

    26th April 2014

    We are pleased to be working with Arc to present a series of blogs on translated poetry. In this piece, Will Stone discusses his translations of Georg Trakl and Verhaeren, and the role of the translator as a judicious ‘guardian’...

    I must confess I have always, for better or worse, translated instinctively and intuitively and with an overwhelming impulsion to do so, otherwise it commonly proves a futile labour. I do not have any set construction methods or rules, I simply allow the chosen poem to te...

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  • Brazilian Poetry in Translation

    Brazilian Poetry in Translation

    4th March 2014

    We're very pleased to announce three events to celebrate the Brazilian poetry focus in MPT's upcoming edition, Twisted Angels

    We are also celebrating our Brazilian focus by collaborating with Brazilian artist João Sánchez. João uses a letter press to handprint his wonderful designs, and we have commissioned João to produce a run of handmade posters based on the Brazilian poetry we are publishing in the issue. If you’re an MPT subscriber you'll receive an original copy of the print with your edition of MP...

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  • Twisted Angels: Brazilian literature at the Brighton Festival 22 May

    Twisted Angels: Brazilian literature at the Brighton Festival 22 May

    3rd March 2014

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    In this celebration of Brazilian literature, a leading poet and two translators lead a lively discussion and launch two publications: Twisted Angels, Modern Poetry in Translation’s spring issue, devoted to the best in Brazilian poetry; and the landmark Brazilian novel Nowhere People, to be published by And Other Stories in August.

    Join the conversation with Angélica Freitas, whose recent poetry collection, Um útero é do tamanho de um punho, was nominated for the Portugal Telecom Prize; the...

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  • Kim Hyesoon: Reading at the Poetry Library Thurs 10 April

    Kim Hyesoon: Reading at the Poetry Library Thurs 10 April

    12th February 2014

    Saison Poetry Library at Southbank Centre
    Thurs 10 April

    Join us for an evening of poetry by one of South Korea's most important contemporary poets, Kim Hyesoon. Her experimental, unsettling poetry combines extreme, surreal and often violent imagery with a radical exploration of the female experience.She came to prominence as one of the first women to be published in Munhak kwa jisong (Literature and Intellect), a magazine which was part of the literary movement against the US-backed military dictat...

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