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We want the best of the world's writing. We discover it and welcome it.

  • MPT is the magazine of the international Republic of Letters. We publish the best of world poetry, from Siberia to Chile, from Wales to Japan.
  • MPT seeks to widen and vary the whole idea and practice of translation. There are essays, discussions, and any number of examples.
  • Readers and contributors move among and between the languages.
  • MPT crosses frontiers of space and time. It publishes lively and up-to-the-minute versions of the poetry of any language in any age.
  • MPT publishes long-established poets and translators alongside others who are just beginning to make their way.

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No.3 2016 The Blue Vein

The Blue Vein

2016 Number 3

MPT’s winter issue ’The Blue Vein’ focuses on a new wave of Korean poetry, with a selection of new translations of Korea’s for...

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This issue:


From The Blue Vein
2016 Number 3

An introduction to the issue by Sasha Dugdale

The focus of this edition of MPT is on poetry from Korea, and the work I read for the issue startled me, I’ve never read anything like it. The images were raw and gristly, the situations odd and untamed. The poetic imagination of many of the Korean poets published here seemed to me to be Blakean in its boundlessness, but fragmented: godless, modern and sorrowful. Most of all I felt a sublimated rage in the work which seemed to drive it to new expressions and new contortions. None of this poet...

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Features and Reviews

From The Blue Vein
2016 Number 3

The Territory of Language Has Shrunk: a conversation

By Kim Hyesoon


The excerpted interview first appeared in the literary journal Munhakdongnae in Summer 2016.

CHO CHAE-RYONG: This may sound strange, but I found it difficult to read your new collection, Autobiography of Death. I had a similar experience a while back when I was writing a critical essay on your poems. As I read your poems, I felt as if I were fighting with a ghost, or perhaps consoling it. I came to realize that I was in a strange state of mind only after I go...

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