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We want the best of the world's writing. We discover it and welcome it.

  • MPT is the magazine of the international Republic of Letters. We publish the best of world poetry, from Siberia to Chile, from Wales to Japan.
  • MPT seeks to widen and vary the whole idea and practice of translation. There are essays, discussions, and any number of examples.
  • Readers and contributors move among and between the languages.
  • MPT crosses frontiers of space and time. It publishes lively and up-to-the-minute versions of the poetry of any language in any age.
  • MPT publishes long-established poets and translators alongside others who are just beginning to make their way.

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No.1 2015 Scorched Glass

Scorched Glass

2015 Number 1

The spring issue of Modern Poetry in Translation, ‘Scorched Glass’ is launched on Thursday 16th April.

Our spring edition foc...

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This issue:


From Scorched Glass
2015 Number 1

An introduction to the issue by Sasha Dugdale

In 1969, a year after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, a Czech translator who was working with MPT wrote to Daniel Weissbort about some poetry he was attempting to get out of Czechoslovakia: ‘as you can see there are still ways how to deliver the right things to the right hands’. ‘Please let me know when you get it and refer to it as to the “folk poetry”’ he notes. At the end of another long and amusingly veiled letter he explodes in exasperation: ‘/Go fuck yourself, Mr Letter-censor!/’....

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From Scorched Glass
2015 Number 1

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From Scorched Glass
2015 Number 1

The Phoenix Rising: An email interview

By Sasha Dugdale, Atefeh Tahaee

Atefeh Tahaee is a literary critic and translator, based in Tehran. In this email interview MPT editor Sasha Dugdale and Atafeh discuss modern Persian literature.

SASHA DUGDALE: How integral is poetry to Iranian life?

ATEFEH TAHAEE: Iranians love poetry. The best evidence for this
is the constant incorporation of poetry into daily life, a habit which began in the distant past and still continues. Poems, both ancient and modern, run through people’s lives: in proverbs; in the celebration of...

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Spring 2014

Spring 2015

No 4 / 2014

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Essential reading, MPT, with its sustained intelligence about how poetries work across cultures, has transformed the British landscape since its inception in 1966.Fiona Sampson

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