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We want the best of the world's writing. We discover it and welcome it.

  • MPT is the magazine of the international Republic of Letters. We publish the best of world poetry, from Siberia to Chile, from Wales to Japan.
  • MPT seeks to widen and vary the whole idea and practice of translation. There are essays, discussions, and any number of examples.
  • Readers and contributors move among and between the languages.
  • MPT crosses frontiers of space and time. It publishes lively and up-to-the-minute versions of the poetry of any language in any age.
  • MPT publishes long-established poets and translators alongside others who are just beginning to make their way.

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No.1 2016 The Great Flight

The Great Flight

2016 Number 1

‘The Great Flight’ focusses on refugee poetry – poetry by refugees and about the plight of refugees and migrants. It introduce...

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This issue:


From The Great Flight
2016 Number 1

An introduction to the issue by Sasha Dugdale

Molly Crabapple, the cover artist for this special refugee issue of MPT , sent me a portrait in response to the poems I sent her from the issue. When I asked Molly to write about the subject of the portrait she replied:

This is a portrait of my friend Zoza, a Kurdish artist from Aleppo. An early supporter of the revolution, Zoza finally had to leave Syria in 2014, and now, like so many Syrians in exile, lives in Gaziantep, Turkey. We met working on a mural at a school for Syrian refugee k...

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From The Great Flight
2016 Number 1

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From The Great Flight
2016 Number 1

Writing in the ‘Host’ Language

By Nasrin Parvaz

Over the years since I came to England in 1993 as a political refugee from Iran, I’ve been to many fiction or creative writing classes and seminars, where I was the only person who did not have English as their first language.

The teachers and the other students always welcomed me and I usually found the classes very helpful. It took me a while, but I began to wonder why no other non-native English language speakers came to these classes.

We all know London is full of non-native English spe...

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Spring 2016

Spring 2016

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...MPT forms a unique and invaluable service - extending the range of world-reading, and making all those who care about poetry feel grateful to be part of a larger community ...Andrew Motion

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