The MPT community

The MPT community

Have you even wondered what a symposium of poets and translators from different ages, cultures, countries, and languages would be like? It might be something like an issue of MPT.

MPT offers a real diversity of voices. We mix writers and translators who have been established for decades with others who are just beginning, writers in their eighties already published far and wide, writers in their twenties whose very first publications will be in MPT. You might hear poets of Ancient Greece, 8th-century China, modern Israel and Palestine all in one room together. There is a variety of forms too: poems (from haiku to epic), essays, anecdotes, photos and illustrations, all working in company in their different ways. Our regular reviews introduce new translations of poetry ancient and modern to the present reading public

MPT fosters new talent. Poets and translators first published in MPT have continued elsewhere in volumes of their own. At our readings we mix young and old, different styles, many languages. We seek new audiences, new collaborations, to connect poetry with the world people live in here and now. We are always on the move. Our premise is that poetry and translation matter: they come from and act upon the lives people live. Writing for MPT and reading it – every issue is an anthology of the world – you really are in touch.

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Modern versions of ancient and new poems allow us to appreciate the work of poets from a great variety of cultures, languages, countries and centuries. We also feature some original poetry in English.

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Our translators, who are often poets in their own right, have one of the hardest jobs in literary translation. We are grateful for their endeavours to let us hear poetic voices from around the world.

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Dedicated poetry lovers, our team of reviewers share their appreciation for what is new in the world of translated poetry publishing.

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Did you know that MPT is a charity?

During this anniversary year we would like to ask subscribers and supporters to help us secure the future of MPT for decades to come by making a donation to our 50th anniversary appeal.

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