Asoke Bhattacharya


Asoke bhattacharya was born in Jangipur of West Bengal,India on 26 November 1950 and was brought up in Calcutta.

He first wrote poems in English in 1993 but didn't publish them until 2012.

Asoke translated Jibananada Das' celebrated book of poems called 'Banalata Sen' into English in 2011. He has also translated Sukanta Bhattacharya's 'Passport' which is expected to be published soon.

Besides these, Asoke has written the following books:

Existentialism: Kierkegaard,Heidegger and Sartre; A Materialist Interpretation (El Dorado, Calcutta, 1991).

Education for the People: Grundtvig,Tagore,Gandhi and Freire (Sense Publishers, Rotterdam, Boston, Taipei, 2010).

Paulo Freire: Rousseau of the Twentieth Century (Sense Publishers, Rotterdam, Boston, Taipei, 2011)

Che Guevara: Colourful Life and Struggle (Bengali book published by Sanket, Calcutta, 2011. 4th. Edition).

Asoke retired as professor from Jadavpur University, Calcutta in 2010.

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