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Event: Bringing Chinese Poetry to the UK, 13.30, 18th April, The London Book Fair


MPT Editor David Constantine will chair a panel discussion with Nicky Harman, Bill Herbert, Brian Holton and Yang Lian on 'Bringing Chinese Poetry to the UK' in the Literary Translation Centre at the London Book Fair on 18th April 2012.

Chinese poetry has a long and honourable history in English translation – it is nearly 100 years since Arthur Waley’s 170 Chinese Poems was first published. Both the Chinese classics and contemporary poetry, which has flourished in the last three decades, provide rich opportunities for Western publishers. In the last twelve months alone, several new volumes – both anthologies and single-poet volumes have been published in the UK and the USA. Nevertheless there are huge challenges: 

• Few poetry publishers will have in-depth knowledge of the contemporary Chinese poetry scene. Which poets will be represented? In the West, the label ‘dissident’ sells books, but what does it mean in the Chinese poetry context? 

• Who will do the translations? The panel will look at collaborative translating (translators + poets) as a practical and creative solution. 

• Promoting the unfamiliar and finding new audiences. How much contextualization is needed when introducing new poetry (whether classical or contemporary) to readers? How important are promotional events or readings, if at all? 

Panelists Nicky Harman, Bill Herbert, Brian Holton and Yang Lian, will discuss all this and more with chair David Constantine.

More details and tickets here.   For a list of all poems translated from Chinese in MPT Series 3 see here.

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