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No.1 2014 Twisted Angels

Twisted Angels

No.1 2014

Twisted Angels focusses on bold and experimental poetry from Brazil, work by contemporary poets such as Angélic...

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I am bouncing a ball by myself
in an empty playing field
When the night wind’s footsteps
step on the leaves one leaf...

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News & Events

Twisted Angels: Brazilian literature at the Brighton Festival 22 May

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In this celebration of Brazilian literature, a leading poet and two translators lead a lively discussion and launch two publications: Twisted Angels, Modern Poetry in Translation’s spring issue, devoted to the best in Brazilian poetry; and the landmark Brazilian novel Nowhere People, to be published by And Other Stories in August.

Join the conversation wi...

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Anna Crowe: on translating Manuel Forcano

For some reason, I find it quite hard to write about the process of translating poetry. I usually work from languages I know – in my case, they are all Romance languages – and it feels an instinctive thing, like singing in tune with an existing piece of music. I have only once, quite recently, worked from a prose crib, translating poems by Mikhail Lermontov, working to a strict metre and finding rhymes, and it reminded me of the couple of times...

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Features and Reviews

On Seamus Heaney

It is usual to say, truthfully and consolingly, after the death of a poet that the work lives on and will continue to do good. However personal its origins, a poem is always also for somebody else, for strangers, for the not-yet-born. Still a man as loved as Seamus Heaney, dying, he leaves a great gap.

Pretty soon in the sadness after his death I remembered very vivid...

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