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No.1 2015 Scorched Glass

Scorched Glass

2015 Number 1

The spring issue of Modern Poetry in Translation, ‘Scorched Glass’ is launched on Thursday 16th April.

Our s...

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Featured Poem

Notes from a Poetry Festival for My Friend With The Crippled Dog


a man with my photo in the air
waits for me at the airport,
smiles at seeing me, shakes his hand,
trips over a su...

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News & Events

Spring 2015: launching MPT 'Scorched Glass'

The spring issue of Modern Poetry in Translation, ‘Scorched Glass’ is launched on Thursday 16th April.

Our spring edition focuses on Iranian poetry, with a selection of new translations of poets including Forugh Farrokhzad, Nima Yushij and London Iranian writer, Ziba Karbassi. The featured translations have been the results of collaborations between UK-based poets, incl...

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A large and well preserved portion of a new poem by Sappho was discovered on a papyrus from a private collection and published by Dirk Obbink in early 2014, and dubbed by him “The Brothers Poem”:

… But you’re always chattering that Kharaxos comes, his ship with fully stuffed hold. As to that, Zeus and the gods only know, but these thoughts should not be in your head.


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Features and Reviews

Switching Languages: a Hindrance or an Opportunity?

‘What language do you dream in?’ people keep asking me. This is meant to be an important indicator of my natural language, the language of my thoughts and feelings. The simple answer is, I never remember the language of my dreams. Does this mean that I dream in Kurdish? Maybe, but should this imply I cannot write in English or that I am constantly translating my thoughts...

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